Manufacturing Australia

For more than 30 years, Telectran & Aqualux have been involved in manufacturing both locally in Sydney and internationally. Operating a manufacturing facility requires constant attention to both small details and broad trends and movements. Over the years we have honed our ability to react quickly and nimbly to the market and other forces that shape our world.

2000 ~ 2010

When many of the Australian lighting companies moved their manufacturing operations overseas Aqualux adopted a flexible strategy that sought to combine the best of both worlds. We established long-term relationships with overseas suppliers many of whom remain close friends and partners to this day. At the same time, we retained our local manufacturing facility, predicting a time would come when the wind shifted and Made in Australia would one day be more than just a sticker and people would actively seek our locally made product.

2020 & BEYOND

When the global pandemic upended long-standing patterns of global trade and international relations, we began a sustained program of investment in our local manufacturing capabilities, building a state-of-the-art machine shop to fabricate our advanced luminaries from raw materials in our workshop.


As part of this investment, we recently added a fully integrated CNC machine shop, our own powder coating line, surface finishing line, and more. Additive manufacturing also plays a growing role in the many aspects of product development and production.


During this expansion, we have brought in more team members with many more planned over the next few years as we extend our capabilities and provide a growing platform for our customers to achieve their vision.