Local Manufacturing

Aqualux is proud to announce a significant and on-going investment into our local manufacturing capability.

Leading by example - Australian Made

In early 2021, we took delivery of a brand new Okuma LB3000exii-MY lathe, including auto-feeder and various other enhanced options. As the core of our new machine shop, the LB is a state-of-the-art lathe from one of the worlds leading manufacturers of CNC equipment.

We took the approach that if we were to make an investment in bringing back more manufacturing to Australia, we would only do it with the best equipment and in the most sustainable way possible. 

The LB3000exii, alongwith a Hydrafeed MSV-65 barfeeder, is capable of around-the-clock unattended operation. To make manufacturing in Australia competitive, it's not enough to just have a machine, it has to be able to operate at maximum efficiency and incorporate as much automation as possible. 

In 2022, we will be introducing robotic assistance to further expand our productive capacity as we seek to build a solid foundation for the future of manufacturing in Australia.