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AQS-510 is a high output top-view IP68 Neon Flex in Mono, RGB, RGBW and DMX options. Use for external facade illumination, pool copings, in-pavement channels and exterior wall grazing where substantial moisture and mechanical protection is required. As with all IP68 products, the ingress protection is determined by the quality of the cable joins and installation. NOTE: Please check datasheets for details.



AQS-510-Mono / RGB / RGBW / DMX

24V DC

10W / 13W / 17W / 18W


Refer to Page 2 Chart of the Datasheet

2200K to 6500K - R - G - B - Amber / RGB / RGBW / 2700K - R - G - B

Constant Voltage (PWM) / DMX / DMX(RS485)

10m / 10m / 8m / 8m

20m / 20m / 16m / 16m

83.30mm / 83.30mm / 100mm / 100mm



SMD3528 / SMD5050

144pcs / 72pcs / 60pcs / 70pcs

70,000 Hours [email protected] 25°C, 50,000 Hours [email protected] 50°C



-20° to +40°C

5° to +35°C

3 Year Aqualux Warranty

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