Lighting it up

A recessed uplight for every application

One size does not fit all

Our aim is to create a range of recessed uplights designed to meet the needs of our designers and installers in every project application. Both function and form are concerns for many lighting designers, architects, and landscape designers. Making products that not just deliver the required amount of light, but seamlessly blend into the surrounding area while not detracting from the object being illuminated.

Options for every size

Each of our recessed uplights comes in a multitude of options, including main body materials Brass and Aluminium. All of our luminaires are designed and manufactured in our Sydney factory. A closed-loop pre-treatment and surface conversion line prior to powder coating is used with the Aluminium range and finished in one of our 5 standard colours; Silver Reign, Venerable Silver, Medium Bronze, Black Ace or Flat White.

A range of optics is also available from a 10° narrow beam to medium 40° and up to a wide 70°, including specialised wall washing lenses for glare reduction. Integrated LEDs are engineered together with dedicated internal driver designs to deliver optimal performance over time. Various CCT / CRI and RGBW options are available including DMX and Wireless DMX control gear.

The AQL-157 is designed for larger-scale vertical illumination of walls, facades and features from an inground luminaire.



The AQL-158 is a high-powered recessed uplight for illuminating walls, features and columns, constructed from CNC Aluminium.



The AQL-156 is designed for mid-size vertical illumination of walls, facades and features where 1000+ lms is required.



Sharing many of the same components as the AQL-540, the AQL-530 is designed to withstand the worst conditions nature can offer.



The AQL-155 is a compact, recessed uplight suitable for many applications including wall-washing, and highlighting illumination.



The AQL-531 is a compact AQL-530, made from CNC Brass with a high IP rating of IP68, the AQL-531 is suitable for all conditions.



The new addition to the AQL-150 series uplights, the AQL-154 features a deeply recessed light source for increased glare control.



The AQL-195 is a compact, stylish recessed 1.5W micro deck light with a frosted lens, light enough to be used as downlights.



The AQL-152 Micro recessed up light for subtle feature illumination and way-finding applications, constructed from CNC Brass.



The AQL-151 is our smallest recessed-up light, perfect for highlighting smaller features and path/way-finding applications.