• Run Lights & Strip on a single 24V-AC supply.
  • Reduce installation costs, circuits & complexity
  • IPX6 for extra moisture protection
  • 40% - 100% Dimming with UDM + AQO Power Supply
The 24V AC-Compatible AQS-260 is the perfect LED strip lighting for landscape lighting and other SELV installations. Compatible with both AC & DC 24V sources, AQS-260 is ideal for adding sections of strip utilising the same 24VAC source that powers the main landscape lighting system. We recommend where AQS-260 is installed outside it be placed inside aluminium profile for additional protection. It should always be mounted on a thermally conductive surface to assist with heat dissipation.




LED Flex & Festoon

24V AC / DC

2 Year Electrical & Mechanical


Standard tail =1m
24V AC 11.6w/m Max run = 7m
24V DC 14.8w/m Max run = 5m


LED Options

  • W2

    Warm White (2700K)

  • N

    Neutral White (4000K)

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AQS-260-LG InnoTekW2

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