Why Outdoor Solar Lighting May Not Be Your Best Option

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Energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint are hot topics for environmentalists and consumers alike.  There's hardly any type product today that doesn't  make an eco-friendly version available for purchase.  When you're considering your outdoor landscape lighting options, you might be thinking solar powered is the way to go, however there's some major factors that might make you change your mind.


The Obvious Factor – Sunshine

The most basic fact to consider is, of course, sunshine.  Even though your area might get a high number of days of sunshine each year, where you want to locate your lighting fixtures won't necessarily be in a place where they will get direct sunlight.  When you are planning your landscape lighting design, you will undoubtedly want to include lights that will be under trees and other plants to create the dramatic effects you want. 

With solar powered outdoor lighting, you will be extremely limited in your design options.  Creating a beautiful outdoor lighting design often means having fixtures tucked in discreet places to get just the right effect.  With solar fixtures, you'll be restricted to having all your fixtures out in the open where they can be exposed to the direct sunlight.  If you're landscape includes lots of  mature trees, this will make the solar option unworkable.


Quality of Light Doesn't Compare

When you're investing in landscape lighting, you want the finished product to be dramatic and eye catching, something that makes your home stand out from the rest.  Would you really be satisfied if the finished product doesn't look consistent from day to day?  With solar lighting, the level of light produced can fluctuate from day to day, depending on the weather.  If it's a cloudy day, the nighttime results will be considerably less than optimal. 

The light given off by solar lights is a very pale blue light.  That's a sharp contrast to the brighter quality of light you get from high quality low voltage lighting products.  Not only will this significantly affect how your lighting design will look, the paler solar light isn't nearly as effective in areas where you use lighting for security purposes. 


Hard to Find Quality Fixtures

Many of the solar lighting fixtures are not made from materials that will last long term.  Many are made from plastic that tends to easily crack from exposure to the elements.  The same goes for the plastic used in the stakes and shades used.  While there are some higher quality products available, cost can be prohibitive to get the durability and power to achieve the desired landscape lighting design.  Typically there isn't the selection of fixture designs to accommodate the architectural design of your home like you find with low voltage lighting systems.

In addition, batteries have to be periodically replaced and the lights must be kept clean to be able to absorb the sun's energy and produce light.  Overall, solar lighting systems don't tend to last long so even though you think you'll be saving money to operate them, they'll probably have to be replaced every year or two.


The Lighting Choice of Professional Landscapers

With all the drawbacks of solar lighting, you can see why most professional landscapers do not recommend its use for outdoor lighting.  So what are the alternatives?  LED low voltage systems are the most widely used products chosen by professional landscapers.  The technology available today makes these systems an energy efficient option to solar lighting and they produce much more dramatic  lighting features for your home. 

LED technology has made these systems an affordable way to enhance your landscape.  LED lights are long lasting and because they don't consume much energy, they're affordable to use.  With the use of a wired, low voltage lighting product, you won't be at the mercy of the weather.  You'll have a consistent, dependable light source that delivers the beauty and security you want in an outdoor lighting system.  And because these products are energy efficient, they offer a viable eco-friendly alternative to solar powered lighting.


Why Aqualux Lighting Products Are The Right Choice

When you are ready to choose an outdoor lighting system, Aqualux  has a wide range of choices to fit your outdoor lighting needs.  They can supply you with a fixture that will perfectly complement the design of your structure and landscape design.  All of their products are backed by a warranty program that is one of the best in the industry to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Using state of the art technology, Aqualux lighting fixtures and accessories will provide you with long lasting, reliable outdoor lighting made from top of the line materials.  Their extensive testing process means your lighting will stand up to all weather conditions to provide for years of wear.  If you're looking for a solution to use with existing lighting systems or you're creating a completely new landscape lighting design, Aqualux has the right product to create the effects you want.

You can add dramatic effects to your pool, patio, garden or entire landscape while at the same time providing additional security to your property with the right outdoor lighting.  Let Aqualux help you by providing state of the art fixtures and lighting solutions.  

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