Choosing a Professional Lighting Contractor: What to Know, What to Ask

Outdoor lighting is quickly becoming one of the most popular features homeowners are adding to their landscape designs.  The right lighting design can add beauty, security and value to a home as well as additional function to outdoor entertaining spaces.  When you're ready to incorporate an outdoor lighting system into your landscape, you should definitely hire a professional lighting contractor for the job.  When you use a professional contractor you will be confident knowing that you will have a properly installed, energy efficient system that will give you years of pleasure.

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Professional Contractor

When you are ready to consider a professional to install your outdoor lighting system, there are a few questions you should ask before actually hiring anyone.  Consumers who take the time to thoroughly investigate a company that will potentially be doing their work, will save themselves time, money and frustration.  Here are 10 questions to ask any company you are thinking about hiring:


  1. What experience does this company have?  Can they describe what they know about designing a lighting plan for your landscape in a way that makes sense to you?
  2. Are they licensed and insured?  Make sure they meet all the licensing requirements for your area.
  3. How many previous outdoor lighting systems have they done?  Experience is a big factor in getting the results you're paying for and the more work they've done, the more familiar they will be when trying to create the best lighting design for your home.
  4. Can they provide references?  If they've done previous installations, they should be able to provide references from satisfied customers.  Hopefully, they will even allow you to view the work they've done previously.
  5. What kind of warranties do they provide?  There should be warranties on the products they use as well as warranties on their work.
  6. Do they have service and maintenance plans once the job is completed?  You'll need to know what additional cost might be involved for these services.
  7. Who will be doing the actual installation?  Do they have their own trained employees or do they use temporary workers for their projects?
  8. Will they protect your landscaping and irrigation systems?  If anything gets damaged in the installation process, who is responsible for the repairs?
  9. What is the timeline for completing the project?
  10. What if you're not satisfied, will they make adjustments until you are happy with the results?


Things You Should Know About Hiring a Professional Lighting Contractor

Adding an outdoor lighting system to your landscape is a big investment and one you hope will last for years.  When you hire a professional for the job you expect to get professional results.  It's important that you are able to communicate effectively with the contractor to let him know what you hope to achieve with the project and that they treat you with respect. 

Of course, you are hiring them for their expertise so you want to be open to suggestions.  If they are experienced in landscape lighting, they should be able to recommend where lights should be placed and what type of lighting effects will create the best visual display.  At the same time, they should also be willing to listen to your concerns and requests.

They should be knowledgeable of various lighting techniques like up-lighting, down lighting, moon lighting, silhouetting, etc., and be able to explain how and why each technique will work for various features in your landscape.   You want your home to look unique, so you need a professional contractor who can either create a design for you or work to implement a design you have had created.  An experienced professional should also be able to recommend the proper lighting needed to make areas of your home secure and safe.

Your contractor should be well informed on what types of fixtures will be best suited to your project.  They should be able to make the proper recommendations related to the energy efficiency of the overall system and whether halogen or LED systems are best suited for your needs.   The company should also be well versed in the best finishes for the fixtures that will be used, whether it's stainless steel, copper or anodised aluminum.  

In general, you want to hire a professional lighting contractor who has integrity, expertise and the skills to implement your landscape lighting design to your satisfaction and one that will only use the best products for the job. Be cautious of a contractor who submits an unusually low bid for your job.  They may be using low quality products that will fail to perform well or last.   When you deal with a professional lighting contractor who uses Aqualux products you know you will be getting the best in the business.

Aqualux fixtures and accessories meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability.  Their products are built to withstand even harsh environmental conditions to provide continued performance year after year.   They come with an outstanding warranty and support system and they have a wide range of products to meet all of your landscape lighting needs, including designs that will complement the style of your home.   When your professional installer uses Aqualux lighting products you can be sure that your investment will be well spent and that you'll be able to enjoy the results for many years to come.  

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