Outdoor Tree Lights – Giving Mother Nature A Boost

Whether it's large, mature trees or newly planted specimens, trees make a strong visual impact on your landscape.  From the color and shape of the leaves to the size and structure of the trunk, they can become the focal point of your landscape design or they can be a subtle addition to the overall picture.  Adding outdoor lighting to your trees ensures that their beauty is enjoyed just as much as night as it is during the day.

Choosing Tree Lights For The Right Effect

Depending on the type and size of tree, there are different ways to place lights for the best overall effect.   Here are several different tree lighting techniques to consider:


  • Up-lighting –  With this method, light fixtures are placed very close to the base of the tree and focused upward.   This is a good way to focus on trees that have unusual shapes or bark features.  It's also an effective way to light trees that may be small and thin to make them appear more dramatic looking.  Usually, one or two lights placed at the base will be enough to create the proper effect.


  • Moonlighting – Just as its name suggest, this method creates subtle lighting like moonlight filtering down through the trees.  Lights are placed so that they shine down through the tree and are a good choice for trees that have less dense foliage.  The result is an interesting pattern from the resulting shadows and patterns from the tree's leaves and branches.


  • Silhouetting – By placing lights between a tree and a structure such as the wall of your home, you get a dramatic silhouette in black of the tree against the softly lit wall.  This is perfect for trees, like palms for example,  that have very unique structures or leaves or topiaries.


  • Shadowing – You can also achieve an interesting shadowing effect by placing the lighting fixture in front of your tree and have it shining towards a wall.  This will result in a nice shadow being cast on the wall.  When you situate your lights at ground level and focusing upward, you'll be able to make smaller trees and shrubs cast off larger shadows.  Trees that have open, airy foliage work well for this type of effect. 


  • Spotlighting – For large trees with dense foliage, you can use above ground spotlights some distance from the tree and focus it up towards the trees leaves, accentuating the trees size. 

Selecting the Proper Fixtures For Lighting Trees

Once you determine how you want to accent the trees in your landscape, you will want to make sure you choose the proper lighting fixtures for the job.  For uplighting techniques, spot lights accent lights and floodlights work well to achieve the proper effects.   Moonlighting is best achieved by using floodlights, well lights and either spot lights or accent lights.

If you're trying to achieve a silhouette or shadow, choose well lights, wall wash lights and spot or accent lights.  Spotlighting can be achieved by using floodlights, spot lights and accent lights.

Other Considerations for Outdoor Tree Lighting

When making your tree lighting decisions keep in mind how your landscape will change with the seasons.  If you're trees lose their leaves, you'll have a different look than when the leaves are on.  The size and shape of your trees will also determine how you want to accent them with lighting. 

If you have tall narrow trees, like palms, your aim should be to keep the light narrow at the bottom and spread out more at the top where there's foliage.  If you have evergreens you'll want to focus a wider swath of lighting at the base, narrowing to the point at the top. 

Take into consideration where your trees will be seen from.  For example, if you're lighting your trees to be seen by passersby from the street or sidewalk you'll want to make sure their lit brightly enough to get the desired effect.  On the other hand, if you're lighting trees in a backyard patio area, you'll more likely want a nice, subdued effect for entertaining guests. 

Low voltage lighting will be adequate for accenting smaller trees and shrubs.  If you have very large trees, you might need more power to get the desired effect.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Tree Lighting Fixtures

To make sure your outdoor tree lighting is everything you hoped it would be, it is important to use high quality fixtures.  You want lighting fixtures that complement your home's design whether it be modern or classic.  And, of course, you want fixtures that meet the highest standards for efficiency and durability. 

You can be sure that when you choose Aqualux products you're getting the most advanced technology in the outdoor lighting market.  All products have gone through extensive testing procedures to ensure they will stand up to the elements and provide you with years of reliability and performance.  The Aqualux exceptional support and warranty system means long term satisfaction for you regardless of the size and scope of your outdoor lighting projects.

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