Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Decks

Just like outdoor lighting can turn the front of your home into a showpiece, deck lighting can do the same for your backyard.  Decks are the place where you entertain your family and friends, where you have barbeques and celebrations, so you want this area to be a shining nighttime showpiece.  Using the right deck lighting design can set the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening of fun for you and your guests and allow to enjoy your outdoor gathering well into the night. 

Don't think you need an oversized, multi-level deck to make good use of outdoor lighting.  With the right design, even a small, simple backyard deck can be instantly transformed into a work of art you'll be proud of.

Deck Lighting for Functionality

Considering all the ways you can use your deck, you'll need different lighting solutions for different areas.  Many modern deck designs incorporate a built in grill or cooking area.  You'll want to have brighter task lighting for these areas so you'll have no problem cooking up burgers or delivering a perfectly cooked steak. 

If you have dining space on the deck, low level lighting creates a nice dining experience, but it still needs to be bright enough to see what's on the table.  You can always add in your own accent candles for setting the right mood. 

Does your deck have stairs or a path leading to it?  If so you want to make sure these areas are well lit for safety.  You should make sure your stair lighting does not shine up towards the eye which it makes it more difficult to see.  Instead, the light should cast downward to adequately illuminate each step. Likewise, lighting can be installed under handrails to give a nice effect, while the actual lighting fixture is out of view. 

Deck railings should also be properly lit to alert guests to the perimeters of the deck.  You'll want to consider various options if you're installing lights on posts to make sure the lights don't shine into people's eyes when their seated.  Plan out where you're seating areas will be before placing your light fixtures. 

If your deck looks out onto a scenic view, you'll also need to consider the height of your light fixtures.  You wouldn't want to block a beautiful sunset over the lake or ocean by lights shining in your eyes.

Keeping It Low Key

When you're choosing a lighting plan for your deck, you want to keep it low key.  No one enjoys glaring lights shining in their eyes and you don't want your deck lit up like it's high noon. After you've taken care of the areas that need special lighting for certain tasks, consider the other areas of the deck and even areas beyond the deck that you want to draw attention to.  You can also consider using a dimmer to adjust lighting for different occasions. 

Accenting plants, statues or water features are all good uses for low voltage deck lighting.  You may even have your deck built around a pool in which case you will certainly want to light it for nighttime entertaining, whether you'll be swimming at night or just relaxing.  Properly lighting your pool area is also a safety feature to keep guests aware of its existence. 

If you have nearby ponds or fountains, consider lighting them to create a unique focal point for viewing from the deck.  Adding lights beyond the deck area is a way to bring depth to the entire area instead of just having a lit up deck in dark surroundings.  Adding accent lighting to trees and plants in your yard outside the deck is visually appealing and creates a nice atmosphere for nighttime entertaining.  If you have an attractive garden area within view from the deck you may want to include it in your lighting design.  Plants and flowers create attractive shadows at night when properly lit and create a nice backdrop. 

A professional lighting contractor or landscape design specialist can help you create the proper lighting plan for your outdoor deck.  They can guide you as to the proper placement of lights for both function and beauty.  Make sure you discuss with them all the ways you use your deck and outdoor area for entertaining. 

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